Death and Life – Theories from a Fever

I often think about what is going to happen when death comes for me.

  • Is it a transformation of some sort, a metamorphosis?
  • Will I be reincarnated into some higher being?
  • or will it be a lower being?
  • Is Karma real?
  • Are all of the crazy Christians right?
  • Will I see Jesus?
  • Or will there simply be nothing at all


Are the billions of popular religious minions correct in their faith, is there a pearly gate?

The real truth is, right now there is no way for anyone to know what exactly happens when you die.  No one has died and returned to tell us what has happened.  Except possibly Jesus, if you believe the story. And of course there are those that have had what is called a near death experience.

But none of these stories or experiences are exactly the same.  They all vary from person to person. So its really unclear what happens when you die.

Scientist say its all just a natural biological process that creates the lights and images that people who have had near death experiences see. But to those people who have experienced it, is/was very much real.

So since there is REAL no way to know where we are going to go when we die, my thought was that maybe we can get a hint of the future by looking at where we came from?

Now this is my personal theory, and that all it is.   Its not a belief in anyway, or is an implication of my faith in some way. No this is just Joe’s good ole plain logical mind trying to figure it out.

We Are Born

Its hard to think back to your first memory.  To your first thought.  When each of us are born, we just sort of fade in to this reality.  Slowly images we see, sounds we hear become more clear everyday.  Our thoughts coalesce into memories and ideas and eventually become the foundation for who we are.

As we grow we realize our individuality.  The ID forms and we understand we are alive… and eventually we will die someday.

I AM ALIVE – and So Are you!

Right now as I write this, I am Alive.  I know I am Alive.  I am self aware.  I think, therefore I am… I think.

And I know that you the reader is alive. I know this because you tell me you are! You communicate with me and I am a witness to this fact.  My friends and my family are alive, again because I can talk to them and witness that they are.   Of course when I asked them if they were alive, they all laughed at me, but everyone one of them answered unequivocally YES!.

So first fact: We are Alive.

Now if we are alive, where did we come from?  I dont know about you, but I came from my mother.  My mother had sex, incubated a fertilized egg and eventually gave birth to me.  So my mother is alive. (plus I asked her and she said, after she stopped laughing, yes).

Fact two:  My Mother is Alive.

Now where did my Mother come from, well of course her mother.  And where did my grandmother come from?  Well from her mother…  and so on and so on. You get the point.

Rewinding through the EONs

So if you can envision racing backward through time, generation after generation, each person very much alive.  If you keep racing back where do you end up?

(I guess it depends on whether evolution or creation is your belief)

Well, either way… the Earth.  The original Mother. Gaia.  Nature.

So if I am alive, then the Earth has got to be alive!  Not every part of the Earth is alive, just like not every part of our bodies are alive.  But the Earth gave birth to us all, supports us, gives us food, water, air.  It is alive.

So, if the Earth is alive, then the universe must also be alive.  Pulsing, thriving and very much alive.  The universe gave birth to our planet.

If the universe is alive then everything is alive. It may not be able to communicate with us like we do with each other, but it must be alive.  Full of life energy. Source Energy.

It is this source energy that make us who we are. Gives us our consciousness.  Gives us our SOUL!

So where do we go when we die? We go back to the source.  We go back to the Earth.

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