Electronic Arts – EA – My New Job

I just got excepted for a new position within EA. For those of you who are not into gaming EA stands for Electronic Arts.  They are one of the largest gaming companies in existence.

I’ve been wanting to work for a gaming company for a long while.  One fo the first companies I ever interviewed for was Origin Systems in Austin.  I was so dead set on working for them that, at the time, I was willing to take a paycut from $28,000 a year to $6.00/hr.  (hind site: its probably about the same thing).

But in my excitement, like I usually do, I flubbed the interview.  I kept trying to tell them what they wanted to hear rather than simply tell them how I felt and what I thought.  Simply questions like what your favorite game, I just drew a blank.  At the time my first thought was Wolfenstein 3D, but for some reason I thought that game was cool enough for Origin.

Needless to say I never did get the job.

That was then, This is Now

So, today begins my last day of unemployment.  On Monday I start work for EA.

My position is Sr. Network Engineer working on customer facing online projects. This means I’ll be working with the websites, load balancers, routers and switches for the company.

I’m very excited and hope this is everything I always thought it would be.

Of course it is work. It is a job.  It won’t be ALL fun and games.  but it sure will be a cool place to work.

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