My buddy Jason Spradley at Jason’s Guitars hit me up to jam with him one night over at the Parmer Lane Tavern to do a couple of quick songs for his 51st birthday.

Fusion was playing that night and had graciously let us jump up on stage for a couple of rough tunes to help Jason have a great night. It was a blast!

We were to play:

  • Hey Joe – Hendrix
  • Fire – Hendrix
  • Walk this Way – Aerosmith
  • Back in Black – AC/DC

No problem – I’ll run over these and we’ll knock ’em out of the park.

…AND Jason of course, in true form when I got there, decided to throw me a twist. We were going to do a mash up of Back-n-Black and Walk this way. Slight !Panic! – but its all just Rock-n-Roll 🤘🏻

Good times!

Here’s some video from that fun night. Thanks Jason!

Back-N-Black / Walk-this Way Mashup – This was a little rough, no rehersals needed.. we can wing it!! 😉
This was super fun jamming with these dudes! Jason Spradley, Bucky Moreno, Joe Wilson, David Scott King, and Axel

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