unity-logoI’ve decided to start improving my “GAME” by venturing into the 3D world and learning Unity 3D.

I’ve gone back and forth deciding whether it would be best to continue making 2D games or to spend some time and learn some of the tools that the larger game studios use.

I’ve went through evaluating both Unity 3d as well as UnReal Engine and decided on Unity at the 3d gaming platform I’m going to build on.

Along with learning any 3D game building environment you also need to learn a scripting/programming language.  With Unreal you can program with C++, with Unity it’s C#.  So… C# it is.

I’m learning all of this with the help of Udemy.  If you haven’t heard of them they are a great place to learn just about anything you would like to know.  For me right now it’s Unity!

The class I’m taking is called “Learn To Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer”.  If you have a craving to develop games you should check it out!

My first game I’ve built is a simple text based game.  This was challenging as it was totally focused on learning C# with some slight bit of tinkering around with Unity.

Check it out – It’s short but it’s more about the lesson than the game.

Text 101 Prison Word Game

I hope you like it.. Cheers!


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