I love that song by the Eagles – “Life in the Fastlane”.  It’s one of those classics that really get you motivated.

I’ve been reading a great book by MJ DeMarco – Millionaire Fastlane that’s also got me extremely motivated right now.  In the first part of the book  he mentions a old proverb that I found inspiring:

“If you want to keep getting what you’re getting, keep doing what you’re doing”

Since 1999 I’ve had the same job, same job title, and same salary.  That’s 13 years!  It’s definitely time for a change.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m very thankful.  I make decent money and make sure my family is taken care of.  I work for a gaming company (Electronic Arts) which is pretty damn cool.

The main issue is that even working for EA, I’m still a slave to the grind. (We all are!)  And I don’t see my job changing anytime soon let alone any type of salary increase.

I’m constantly concerned with getting the kids through college and our retirement.  AND I don’t want to work until I’m DEAD.  At this rate that’s exactly whats going to happen.

I want to retire young enough to enjoy it!

So my new goal is to put my head down and poo myself into my web business. My goal is $12,000/month and to quit my day job.

That may sound far fetched, but main site brings in about $600-800/month.  I need to replicate that 10-20 more times.

  • I’m too old to be a Rockstar
  • I never was an athlete
  • I could go into acting (I’ve considered it, but that’s a tough life unless you really make it big)
  • Stocks are too complicated

Being an Internet Entrepreneur is just right… it’s the life for me.

someecards.com - If you don't want to keep getting what you've been getting, Than stop doing what you've been doing.

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