Life Is A River – Theories from a Fever

Ya know I have heard people say they are unhappy with their life, unhappy with this or that.  I mean heck, I’ve said it too from time to time. It seems more prevalent when I have been broke.

The fact is… life is life.  It’s NOT fair.  It is what YOU make of it.  It’s just, well … life.

Several years ago I was sick with a fever and got on a writting spree.  Here was my fever induced take on life…

Have you ever gone tubing down a river(ya know like in an inner tube)??  It is really fun!  No matter how old you are this is one activity that everyone can enjoy.

Life is like this.  Life is like tubing down a river.  For most people they sit in their tube, with drink in hand and just float happily, lazily down the river.  Not really caring where the river takes you.  As long as you’re with your friends (and the beer), you are happy!

Well this is life and how many people live their life.  Of course ever once in a while you use your hands to guide you, just a little.  A little paddle here and there and you can manipulate yourself just a little bit to direct yourself where you’re going.

And occasionally the river may fork.  But which path are YOU going take? Which path is everyone else taking? Which path do you WANT to take?  Well, lets see, all of your friends are going left.  I should go left too, I suppose.  And you make a decision and paddle yourself left to stay with the group, if thats what you want to do.

Sometimes the river throws you opportunity.  Like a store, a pretty girl, or just a nice place to rest.   If you see the opportunity in the river early enough you are able to paddle yourself into a position where you can take advantage of the opportunity.  But if you’re not paying attention, you will get swept away in which ever way the RIVER wants to take you.

And thats life baby.  So pay attention.  Opportunity happens everyday. When you see it, you need to get yourself in a position to take advantage of it.  If not…. You may get swept away to someplace you dont want to be.

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