This happened sometime last month and I wanted to share this but totally forgot.

The Texas Democratic Party Platform Endorses Decriminalization Of Marijuana


Now if that’s not a head line that will get your attention I don’t know what will. I about fell out of my chair.

I thought it was a hoax of some sort sponsored by the likes of the Onion, but it is true. You can read about it on the Texas Democratic Party’s web site –

Directly from the party platform it says:

“This decriminalization of marijuana does not mean we endorse the use of marijuana but it is only a call to wiser use of law enforcement and public health policy. Prohibition of marijuana abdicates the control of marijuana production and distribution to drug cartels and street gangs. Such prohibition promotes disrespect for the law and reinforces ethnic and generational divides between the public and law enforcement.
Every year, hundreds and thousands of Americans are arrested for marijuana possession violations- far more than all those arrested for violent crimes in America. Societal costs dealing with the war on drugs concerning marijuana exceeds 12 billion dollars annually. Since the war on drugs began, 85% of the arrests for marijuana have been for possession only.

Marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Recent polls show over 50% of Americans believe marijuana should be decriminalized. While arrests for marijuana since 1965 have been over 20 million citizens, marijuana is more prevalent than ever before.

There is no evidence that marijuana is a “gateway” drug leading to the use of more lethal drugs. 75% of citizens arrested for marijuana are under 30. Minorities account for a majority of those arrested for marijuana. Criminal conviction permanently scars a young citizen for life.

Texas Democrats urge the President, the Attorney General and the Congress to support the passage of legislation to decriminalize the possession of marijuana and regulate it’s use, production and sale as is done with tobacco and alcohol.

We further urge the immediate decriminalization of the possession and use of medical marijuana.”

I’m actually proud of the Texas Dems to take such a bold step and realize that incarcerating our society will not help our society. The united state is number 1 in the world for inprisonments.


That’s not something to be proud of folks.  We can’t keep going like this.  The war on drugs has not reduced the intensity of drugs, it has not reduced the trafficking of drugs, it has not reduced the use of drugs and has increased the used of drugs in young teens.



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  1. Hello Mr. Wilson,

    I honestly stumbled upon an article you wrote on the internet. I have been beating myself up, and literally hemming/hawwing for about 10 years on something very important to me and now, I’m at the point where I have to just do it, or not do it. And that is study to change my career, and get into Networking. I didn’t move forward with it when I was in my low/mid 20’s because I just wasn’t sure but not a day goes by, especially in my current job working in insurance, that I don’t regret it.

    Where I always get overwhelmed is just where to start and the prognosis of finding a job afterwards. The good news is I do have a job now, but I’d want to work in the field and not pour money into studying something I won’t use or be able to enjoy. I am however ready for the sacrifice of starting over and all that it entails. I used to work for, and I loved being in a technology environment, my friend studied networking at New Horizons and he loves it and anytime I’ve been in even a quasi-tech support role (Sales Help Desk, Product Specialist) – those were the times I was happiest in my career.

    So I was wondering if you had any information about the current employment climate for Network Engineering/Security engineers? State by state is different but in general. Also, where to start? Different programs always push A++, so figuring they cna’t be wrong I have picked up a book and am self-studying that now. I’m fascinated by CISCO’s approach but worry that if I only study CISCO I’d be pidgeon-holing myself, so to speak.

    Either way, I was just hoping to pick your brain about it. Thank-you for your time – assuming you have some!

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for your comment, though not related to this article. I’m glad you are interested in Computer Networking. I find it a fascinating industry and career choice.

    I’ll try to answer some of your questions and concerns as best I can.

    So starting backwards, studying Cisco will not pidgeon hole you very much. Cisco is the leader and most if not all other vendors follow Cisco. Most anything you learn through a Cisco class will directly related to any other vendor technologies. So I wouldn’t worry too much about that aspect.

    Start a path down the road to be a network engineer requires a bit of prep work. Computer networking is the underlying structure to computing in general. To effectively work on and support computer networks requires a thorough understanding of computers, working on computers and how computer communicate. The term “computers” is agnostic meaning ANY computer, Windows, Unix, Linux, Apple, etc. Having a good understanding of each platform will help you as a network engineer better interact with those who support them daily.

    With that said, it helps to first learn desktops and servers a little prior to venturing straight in to networking. This is not mandatory in any way as many network engineers and admins do fine without knowing the desktop or server side of things. But it will certainly help.

    To learn Cisco will be easiest through some sort of instructor lead classroom training. This is the most expensive training but you also get the benefit of networking with other folks who are on the same path. Plus many schools will help with job placement assistance. In the end, getting a job will come down to the interview. Practice at home as much as you can to gain as much experience as you can.

    You can start off in a NOC (Network Operations Center), then move up to a operation support role (tier 2), then finally move into a engineering role.

    It a good career choice that pays well and has a lot to learn. You wont be bored thats for sure.

    Work toward getting your CCNA and then immediately after that start working on your CCNP. You’re best value to the industry will happen when you get your CCNP.

    Good luck on your path to success.

    Take care

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