Free Vegetarian Starter KitsMy wife an I have talked about changing our diet many times. And in those many conversations we often talked about starting a vegetarian or even Vegan diet. But neither of us really know how to be vegan and more importantly are a bit worried we won’t be able to live with a vegan diet.

Both of us have similar upbringings where we’ve been doing what everyone else is doing and eating from the 4 main food groups. Meat, Fruit, Vegetables and Diary. But of course the Meat and Diary are the largest portions of what we eat.

We’ve even tried with some success a low carb, high protein diet. Diets like this are similar to the Atkins, or Zone diets and we have both lost weight fast. But as soon as we return to our old ways the weight comes back and then some, plus from what we have read this type of diet can be hard on your liver and kidneys.

But in backs of our minds neither one of us have been comfortable contributing to the massive slaughter of animals like cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens. We’ve heard the horror stories of how our food is processed and honestly looked the other way.


But as we learned about Veganism and began to learn how to become vegan, we ultimately had to uncover what we had previously chosen to ignore.

The following video is a true eye opener. If you have even considered changing to a Vegan lifestyle, I encourage you to watch the following video. It will change your life. I changed my wife and mine.

Please Beware – The Following Video Will Effect You

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